Welcome to the CCYC Potential Education Centre

Potential Development Centre

Infant 0-12months
Conducting Montessori approach and giving nurturing, caring, and guidelines to help children develop into the best they can be

After School & Tutorial Programs

Pre school 3-6years
Pupils 6-12years
Offering comprehensive programming includes maths, ESL, Chinese language, arts and crafts, and physical activities

Fun Camps & Special Programs

JK/SK 4-5 years
School age 6-12years
Providing unique, wide-ranging programs that build confidence, independent skills and environmental awareness


We are proud to say that we are here to accommodate and serve for all your child care needs. With various programs including Child Care Service for kids under 4 and After School Programming for children 4 to 12, we create a fresh, secure, and fully balanced environment for children after their school.  Camps and outdoor education is also the key that helps building child’s confidence, creativity and leadership. Each year, we strictly review and evaluate our job to consistently provide and establish best practices in education profession.

Meet Our Teachers

All of our experienced staff are with bachelor or higher degrees. All the daycare teachers are Ontario registered ECE teachers. Our daycare service team and all stuffs are with required skills and qualities: focus on children’s needs and development, respect them, teach students in accordance of their aptitude.

Classroom Facilities

Well equipped classroom and fully secured space ensure your child to flourish and grow at CCYC. The school designs a range of classrooms, piano and activity rooms that can meet the needs of our children. Large and small spaces are available and natural light that filters into each room Most of the places have whiteboard and flip charts, and some rooms are equipped with projectors, screens for multi-media education.



As GTA’s first place discovering your child’s potential, CCYC develops children’s talent and knowledge based on 4 wide used pedagogy theories, Montessori Approach, Reggio Emilia Approach, Waldorf Education and Orff Music.  We give you peace of mind that their personal wellbeing and potential development is building for better future.

Three children in kindergarten playing with building blocks and cars


CCYC provides science activities, games, toys, and printable activities for preschooler, such as alphabet, colors, handwriting, numbers and shapes. In afterschool club and weekend class, a series of fun activities, eg. crafts, drawing, movies, singing, dancing and cleaning is well scheduled.

Apart from daily routine work, outdoor activities encourage children to learn more with initiatives. CCYC lets your child playing outside in summer camp, field trip, farm adventure, hiking, and painting outdoors are most favorable

Group kids learning and holding colored paper and glue on table in kindergarten .


Establishing friendships is one of the main developmental goals of early childhood and school life. A successful friendship in childhood years contributes to your child’s quality of life and is considered significant to life adjustment. Therefore, we see children’s friendship built in their early age as important as what they learn in the classroom.



Child development refers to the biological, psychological and emotional change that occurs in a child life from newborn and throughout adolescence. It is a continuous process with a predictable sequence yet not progressing at the same rate and each stage is affected by the former types of development.

CCYC considers each child is different and unique and centers on various aspects of development including social, emotional and cognitive growth.


Our Results Speak for themsleves!

Each year, CCYC collectS feedbacks from children and their parents to let them rating us. We proudly to say that all the families and parents are satisfied with us and ninety-six percent student are happy studying here.


Our Rooms & Classes

We design DAISY ROOM &BUTTER FLY ROOM for children under 4 years old and mainly use Potential Education developing children’s perception and recognition in their critical years of growth, and focusing on the lives, languages, sciences, music and basic knowledge of mathematics.

We prepare a fine place for preschoolers who are about to start their school life with full of confidence and interests. AFTER SCHOOL CLUB considers young learners’ needs even more than they think, studying not only on school work but also after the class

Months Old
Class Size


Let’s start with Potential Education!

Months Old
Class Size

Little People Room

Giving little ones better understanding of their school life upcoming

Months Old
Class Size


Giving your child best perception with Potential Education!!

Months Old
Class Size

After School Club

Tutoring homework difficulties and learning beyond class

Your Children

Education and development are significant, but nothing importance more than the safety, security and health of the children.

That’s why we do everything to protect and prevent children away from any possible of harm. At CCCYC, your child is safe play and happy learning every single day.

  • Small Sized Class And Good Teacher-Student Ratio
  • Assessing Every Childs Health And Monitoring For Illness Symptoms
  • Wall Display Hygiene Cards
  • Licensed Chief and Healthy Food
  • Earthquake, Fire and Lockdown Knowledge and Drills


At CCYC, safety is the highest priority for any child. Not only We follow Ontario standard safety instruction, but also do every little tiny details to keep your child safe: double locked doors, decorated soft walls and floors, and secured drawers and cabinets.


At CCYC, every child is same. They are all need to be cared, encouraged, loved and of course we want your kids to be happy. Based on researches globally, we do 6 ways to up your children’s happiness: Encourage giving, Build social connections, Practice gratitude,  Lighten up, Limit the junk, Speak positively.


At CCYC, none bigger than education. With research-based Ontario ECE curriculum, our professional staff mainly focus on your child’s language development, social and emotional development, cognitive development and creative expression.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities